Monday, January 28, 2013

10 Sexual Drinking Games

Nine Cans of Beer or the Floor
  -  You will need
          - Nine cans of beer per person (not everyone will finish this game...)
          -  A shot glass (easiest if everyone has their own).
          -  A time keeper (a kitchen timer that will beep and can be reset quickly works best).
  -  Every minute for 100 minutes you take a shot of beer.
  -  If you choose to not take a shot, you must remove one article of clothing.
          -  The article of clothing is decided by a player of your choice.
  -  At first this game may seem easy, but when you add it up, it comes out to about 9 beers in 1.5 hours.
  -  Warning: Only play this game with people you trust.
          -  You may experience severe drunkenness or nudity fairly quickly.

Chutes and Ladders
  -  Choose the shot of your choice.
  -  When you go up a ladder, you take a shot.
  -  When you go down a chute, you take off an article of clothing of your choice.

Flip Sip or Strip
  -  Best if you have at least 3 people
  -  Player 1 flips a coin and calls head or tails while it is in the air
          -  If they call it correctly, they pass the coin to the right and they are safe.
          -  If they call it incorrectly, then they must choose:
               -  Sip: Take a shot
               -  Strip: Remove one article of clothing
  -  The only catch is that you can not pick sip or strip more than two times in a row.

Go Fish
  -  Deal a deck of cards like you normally would for this game (each player gets 7 cards).
  -  When you ask for a card and are told "Go Fish" you must take a shot.
  -  When you ask for a card and receive the match, the person who you asked must take off an article of clothing.

High or Low
  -  Choose someone to be "the dealer."
  -  The dealer will put down a card and you must guess if the next card will be higher or lower.
  -  If you are correct you get to tell one player of your choice to take a shot or remove an article of clothing of their choice.
  -  If you are incorrect, then you must take a shot.

Ice Tray Quarters
  -  Color each half of the ice tray a different color to designate your side apart from your partner's.
  -  Play like you would normal quarters.
  -  Designate the different departments as different actions (decide these before game starts)
          -  "You take a shot"
          -  "Someone of your choice takes a shot"
          -  "You remove an article of clothing"
          -  "Someone of your choice removes an article of clothing"

Guess or Strip
  -  Each player is dealt 1 card which they cannot look at.
  -  Hold the card in front of you for everyone else to see (or your forehead like Indian War)
  -  You must guess which card you have, how many #'s you are off is the number of shots you must take.
  -  The person who is the furthest off must remove an article of clothing.

James Bond
  -  Turn on any James Bond movie.
  -  Every time someone says "James" drink 2 shots.
  -  When someone says "Bond" drink 1 shot.
  -  Every time someone says "James Bond" remove an article of clothing.

  -  Put a deck of cards in the middle of the table.
  -  Go around the table and each player draws one card.
          -  If you draw a black card, you take 1 shot.
          -  If you draw a red card, you take 2 shots.
          -  If you draw an ace, king, or queen of any color you remove an article of clothing.

Thumb Master
  -  Designate someone the "Thumb Master."
  -  Throughout the night when this person places their thumb on the table the last person to see it has to:
          -  Remove an article of clothing or take a shot, Thumb Master's choice.
  -  The person who lost is now the new Thumb Master, and the game continues.

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