Friday, March 1, 2013

St. Patrick's Day: Leprechaun Hat S'mores

Keebler Fudge Stripes Cookies
Large Marshmallows
Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
Green Candy Melts
Green Sprinkles
  1. Melt dark chocolate candy in the microwave, in 30 second intervals (on 50% power if possible) and stir after each heating.
    • Repeat until completely melted.
  2. Dip Fudge Stripe Cookies into chocolate, coating completely.
    • Shake off any excess.
  3. Place cookies on parchment paper, top side down, until candy coating is completely set.
  4. Using a toothpick, dip marshmallows into chocolate and coat almost entirely.
    • Shake off any excess.
  5. Set marshmallows on parchment paper until candy coating is completely set.
  6. Melt green candy in the same fashion as the previous chocolate.
  7. Flip marshmallow upside down and insert new toothpick in top. 
  8. Dip marshmallows into green candy, just barely to create a small band of green around the bottom.
  9. Goat green candy band with sprinkles
    • Shake off any excess.
  10. Place marshmallow in center of chocolate covered cookie and remove the toothpick carefully.
    • Touch up the hole left by the toothpick with a small dab of melted chocolate.
  11. To finish, attach a glittering shamrock which is shown how to make in the pictures provided.

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