Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cinnamon Toast Rolls (8) (8) (10)

Boyfriend & Me:       |
Niece, Kaylee (8yo):   ~

A simplified (and less expensive) version of
Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread.

Soft White Bread
Cinnamon Sugar
Melted Butter

1.   Preheat oven to 375°F
2.   Cut the crusts from a slice of bread and roll/flatten until very thin.
3.   Spread both sides of the bread with melted butter, and then
     sprinkle one side with cinnamon sugar, making sure to cover very well.
4.   Fold each side of the bread into the middle and then gently roll up
     and place in a buttered mini muffin tin.
Or Fold them into triangles!
5.   Sprinkle with a little
     more cinnamon sugar.
6.   When all the rolls are
     made, bake for 15-20 minutes,
     or until they are just starting
     to turn golden brown and get
     a little crisp.
7.   Remove from the muffin tin
     to cool slightly before serving.

You can then drizzle them with icing!
Home-made icing is easy, powdered sugar + water or milk!

Alright so these were great! I folded them into triangles in order to bake them on a flat cooking sheet since I don't have a muffin tin. They were really good!
1.   Save the scraps of the crusts, you can bake them too!
     Yes they get very crispy, but my niece loved them!
2.   If using a rolling pin, go through rolling each piece once, then go through
     them again to flatten them more after they've relaxed.
     Obviously optional, but it makes them flatter.
3.   Don't melt the butter so it's boiling hot, I melted it about half way so it
     wouldn't melt the bread.
4.   When spreading the butter, keep mixing it up with the brush so you
     don't just get the oil part on the bread, but the cream part too.
5.   Put wax paper down when coating the bread in butter and
     cinnamon sugar, clean up is 100% easier!
6.   I had them in the oven for 18 minutes, and they were still soft,
     but that may be because I put the scraps on top to cook them too.
     I suggest putting them in for 20 minutes.
7.   I did using icing with powdered sugar and milk. There is no real recipe
     for this, but you don't need that much milk! You want the mixture to
     be thick. Lumps are okay! As long as you can drizzle them on with a
     spoon it's fine. FYI this mixture just tastes like liquid powdered sugar,
     so don't expect too much!

My boyfriend COVERED each of his pieces in the icing, and I mean he drenched them!

So here are some pictures of our process, I'm sorry but I only remembered my camera about half way through the process, but I think you can manage cutting off the crusts and rolling the bread flat!

Flattened Bread
Buttered with Cinnamon Sugar

Triangles if lying flat!
Added more cinnamon!

I put the long scraps/crusts on top.
...more butter and cinnamon sugar.

Thickness is up to you.

Powdered Sugar + Milk = Icing

The triangles.
The scraps.

Boyfriend <3
Niece, Kaylee, 8 years old

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