Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Blog...

I plan to use this blog as a place to store all the little crafts and recipes that I like to find and try out.

Edit: [Generally I find new ideas using my account! I love that site!]

Many of the crafts I tend to do on my own in my free time, but the recipes... well I don't like to just cook for myself, I usually wait to do those for when my boyfriend is visiting, or I make it into a little date where we can both cook together. I think he hates it, but he wants to make me happy. :)

Well, I plan to post things that I find and don't want to forget about. Then, when I get to trying them out I will edit the post to critique it or to make it better, give tips, and just a general overview of what I thought of it. How I plan to make it recognizable that I have edited the post will to "rate" the craft or recipe in the title of the post.
The rating will be based upon whether I'd do the craft/recipe again, if I enjoyed creating it, and other factors that I will try to post and explain when I do each activity. An exact "rating system" will be put here when I come up with one...

I don't think many people will read this blog, as I am not putting my name anywhere on it, nor telling anyone that I know about it. But if you are one of those unexpected readers, comments, suggestions, tips, literally anything you'd like to share (as long as you be respectful and don't be rude) would be great!

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